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Category : Power Supply
Item Code Description
CPIIPDD120 In Win IP-DD120 BQ Series 120w Power Adaptor
CPIPAD120A In Win IP-AD120A7-2 BQ series 120W Power Supply
CPIP200FF1 In Win IP-S200FF1-0H BL/BP series Haswell 200W Power Supply (1 yr warranty)
CPIP300FF1 In Win IP-S300FF1-0H , BL/BP series Haswell 300W Power Supply
CPIP300EF7 In-Win IP-S300EF7-2 , BL / BP series 300W Bronze 80+ Power Supply
CPIPFSP300 IN WIN IP-P300BN1-0 BK series 300W Power Supply
CPIP300CN7 IN WIN IP-P300CN7-2 BK series 300W 80+ Bronze Power Supply
CPIP350CQ2 IN WIN IP-S350CQ2-0 350W Power Supply
CPIS400DQ3 In Win IP-S400DQ3-2 400W 80+ Power Supply
CPIS450DQ3 In Win IP-S450DQ3-2 450W 80+ Power Supply
CPIS400EQ3 In Win IP-S400EQ3-2 400W 80+ Bronze Power Supply
CPIP600CQH In Win IP-P600CQ3-2 P5 Haswell 600W 80+ Bronze Power Supply
CPIP450CQR IN WIN IP-S450CQ2-0 G 450W Power Supply Retail
CPIWGM750 In Win GreenMe 80+ Bronze 750w PSU Retail
CPIWC3800 In Win Commander III 800 80+ Gold Power Supply
CPIWC21200 In Win Commander II 1200W 80+ Bronze Power Supply
CPEN450AST Enermax Naxn ENP450AST 450W Power Supply
CPEN500AST Enermax Naxn ENP500AST 500W Power Supply
CPEN550BZ Enermax Naxn 82+ ENP550AWT 550W (Bronze Certified) Power Supply
CPETL550M Enermax ETL550AWT-M Triathlor ELO 550W Bronze
CPETL650M Enermax ETL650AWT-M Triathlor ECO 650w Bronze PSU
CPER871000 Enermax Revolution 87+ ERV1000EWT-G 1000W (Gold Certified) Power Supply
CPEMR1350E Enermax MaxRevo 87+ EMR1350EWT 1350W (Gold Certified) Power Supply
CPEMR1500E Enermax MaxRevo 87+ EMR1500EWT 1500W (Gold Certified) Power Supply
CPEPM750 Enermax Platimax 89+ EPM750AWT 750W (Platinum Certified) Power Supply
CPEPM850 Enermax Platimax 89+ EPM850EWT 850W (Platinum Certified) Power Supply
CPEPM1000 Enermax Platimax 89+ EPM1000EWT 1000W (Platinum Certified) Power Supply
CPEPM1350 Enermax Patimax 89+ EPM1350EWT 1350w
CPELE1000B LEPA Max BRON -B1000-MB 1000W 80+ Bronze Haswell ready PSU
CPELE1200G LEPA G1200-MA Gold 1200W Power Supply
CPELE1600G LEPA G1600-MA Gold 1600W Power Supply
CPTM420 CM Thermal Master TM-420-PSAR-M3 420W (Bulk)
CPCME400B CM RS400-PSARI3-BU Elite 400w (Bulk)
CPCME400 CM RS400-PSARI3-US Elite 400w
CPCME460 CM RS460-PSARI3-US Elite 460W
CPCE550 CM RS550-PCARN1-US, Elite V2 550W
CPCME2725 CM RS725-PCARD3-US eXtreme II 725w Power Supply Retail Pack
CPCMI600 CM RS600-ACAAB1-US I Series 600W 80+ Bronze PSU
CPCMI700 CM RS700-ACAAB1-US I Series 700W 80+ Bronze PSU
CPCMGX2550 CM RS550-ACAAB1-US GX II 550W 80+ Bronze PSU
CPCMRS650 CM RS650-ACAAB1-US GXII 650W 80+ Bronze PSU
CPCMRS750 CM RS750-ACAAB1-US GXII 750W 80+ Bronze PSU
CPCM850SP2 CM RS850-SPM2D3-US Silent Pro M II 850W 80+ Silver Power Supply
CPCM1KSP2 CM RSA00-SPM2D3-US Silent Pro M II 1000W 80+ Silver Power Supply
CPCMV700 CM RS700-AFBAG1-US V700 80+ Gold PSU
CPCMV850 CM RS850-AFBAG1-US V850 80+ Gold PSU
CPCMV1000 CM RSA00-AFBAG1-US V1000 80+ Gold PSU
CPCSPG1200 CM RSC00-80GAD3-US Silent Pro Gold 1200w PSU
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