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Category : PC Case
Item Code Description
CPLPC307BB Lepa LPC307B-B(U3) USB3.0/2.0 Black ATX with black stripes
CPLPC307BL Lepa LPC307B-BL(U3) USB3.0/2.0 Black ATX with blue stripes
CPECA3212B Enermax ECA3212-BL(U3) Clipeus ATX Mid Tower
CPECA3253R Enermax ECA3253-BR Red Ostrog 4x5.25" USB3.0x1,USB2.0x3, HD/AC97 Audio 12cm fan Tool-less, Transparent acrylic side panel
CPECA3253W Enermax ECA3253-BW White Ostrog 4x5.25" USB3.0x1,USB2.0x3, HD/AC97 Audio 12cm fan Tool-less, Transparent acrylic side panel
CPIQ6563 In Win BQ656T.AD120TB3 USB3.0 Haswell 120W MITX
CPIQ656150 In Win BQ656T.AD150TB3 USB3.0 Haswell 150W 80+ MITX
CPIWBQS656 In Win BQS656.DD120BL (IP-V120DD) 120W Power Adapter MITX (1 yr warranty)
CPIP655H33 In Win BP655.FH300TB3 USB3.0 Haswell 300W MITX
CPIL63133 In Win BL631.FH300TB3F USB3.0 Haswell 300W mATX
CPIL40H33 In Win BL040.FH300TB3F USB3.0 Haswell 300W mATX Desktop
CPICE685 In Win CE685.FH300TB3 USB3.0 Haswell 300W mATX
CPIK62333 In Win BK623.BH300TB3 USB 3.0 Haswell 300W mATX
CPIM00933 In Win EM009.CH350TB3, USB3.0 Haswell 350W mATX
CPIM04833 In Win EM048.CH350TB3, USB 3.0, Haswell 350W MATX
CPIZ589H3 In Win Z589.CH350TB Haswell 350W mATX
CPIZ589H33 In Win Z589.CH350TB3, USB3.0 Haswell 350W mATX
CPIZ583H33 In Win Z583.CH350TB3, USB3.0 Haswell 350W mATX
CPIC589H3 In Win C589.CH350TB Haswell 350W ATX
CPIC589H33 In Win C589.CH350TB3 USB3.0 Haswell 350W ATX
CPIC589C43 In Win C589.CH450TB3 Haswell USB 3.0 450W ATX
CPTM101500 Thermal Master TC-101-KKR500 TM101 w/500W PSU (HD Audio) ATX Tower
CPTM10250H Thermal Master TC-102-KKR500-CA TM 102 w/500W PSU (HD Audio) ATX Tower
CPCM3433B CM RC-343-KKN4 Elite 343 USB3.0 Black Micro ATX case
CPCM34342K CM RC-343-KKR420 Elite 343 w/TM420W BlackMicro ATX case
CPCM343423 CM RC-343-KKR420-U3 Elite 343 USB3.0 w/TM420W Micro ATX case
CPCM431P CM RC-431P-KWN2 Elite 431 Plus w/USB3.0, Docking and Window
CPCMP35050 CM RC-350-KKR500 CMP 350 w/500W
CPCMK280 CM RC-K280-KKN1 K280 w/USB 3.0
CPCMK350N2 CM RC-K350-KWN2-EN K350 w/USB3.0, Side Window and Black Interior
CPCMN200 CM NSE-200-KKN1 N200 USB3.0 x1, USB2.0 x1 mATX(Support 240 LC)
CPCMN300 CM NSE-300-KKN1 N300 USB 3.0 ATX
CPCMN400 CM NSE-400-KKN2 N400 USB3.0 x2, USB2.0 x2 (support 240 LC)
CPC912QHAF CM RC-912-KKN1-GP HAF 912 w/ USB 3.0
CPC912COM CM RC-912-KKN2 HAF 912 Combat w/USB3.0, Black Interior Mid Tower
CPCMHAFXBE CM RC-902XB-KKN2 HAF XB EVO lan box chassis
CPC942HAFX CM RC-942-KKN1 HAF 942 HAF X Full Tower
CPC5000 CM SGC-5000-KWN1 Storm Trooper Window
CPC5000W CM SGC-5000W-KWN1 Storm Stryker
CPCMMCYB5 CM MCY-B5S1-KKYN-06, Master Box 5
CPCMMCX CM MCX-0005-KKN00 Master 5 Mid Tower ATX Case w/ Freeform Modular System
CPCMMCY CM MCY-005P-KWN00, Master Pro 5 Mid Tower ATX Case w/Window & Freeform Modular System
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